The Tho. Hobbes Translation: Thucydides The Peloponnesian by David Grene

By David Grene

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Now so it is that we have had a custom, both unreasonable in respect of our suit to you and also for the present unprofitable to our own estate. For having ever till now been unwilling to admit others into league with us, we are now not only suitors for league to others but also left destitute by that means of friends in this our war with the Corinthians. And that which before we thought wisdom, namely, not to enter with others into league because we would not at the discretion of others enter into danger, we now find to have been our weakness and imprudence.

Power than that expression is somewhat ambiguous. " to be: "This yet such is is The First Book addition of strength which, puffed are to acquire with danger. 43. "And since we be come to 27 up with present shows, men this, which once before we Lacedaemon, that everyone ought to proceed as he shall think good against his own confederates, we claim that our liberty now of you; and that you that have been helped by said at votes will not hurt us remembering that now now by is yours, but render like for like; that occasion wherein he that aideth is our greatest friend, and he that opposeth us our greatest enemy; and that you will not receive these Corcyraeans into league against our wills nor defend them in their injuries.

In this place is a haven, and above it, farther from the sea, the city of Ephyra in that part of Thesprotis which is called Elaeatis; and near unto it disbogueth into the sea the lake Acherusia, and into that (having first passed through Thesprotis) the river Acheron from which it taketh the name. Also the river Thyantfs runneth here, which divideth Thesprotis from Cestrine, betwixt which two rivers ariseth this promontory of Chimerium. To this part of the continent came the Corinthians and encamped.

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