Revolt Of The Galaxy (Family D' Alembert, No 10) by E. E. 'Doc' Smith, Stephen Goldin

By E. E. 'Doc' Smith, Stephen Goldin

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When his sister Beti escaped, Tas had informed C, who again told him not to worry, that she would be dealt with. Tas had assumed she would be captured and returned to Newforest - but the idea of her near death didn't fill him with fraternal grief. Under hard questioning, Tas implicated several of his subordinates in the murders of people who'd opposed his rule. A few of them managed to escape, but most were caught in a quick sweep of police action. Tas Bavol and his gang would not terrorize Newforest any longer.

There were tiny age lines at the corners of her eyes and the beginnings of a double chin. Her waist-length black hair showed wisps of gray, and her always sumptuous figure was considerably plumper than Pias remembered it. "Hello, Gitana," he said, careful to keep his voice neutral. "How... " He turned to go, but Gitana grabbed him tightly by the sleeve and refused to let go. "Pias, wait. I . . You know I'm a proud woman, but you've always been able to make me beg. I'm begging you now, Pias. " "Oh, hang him!

He might never have a better opportunity to fight back against his mad brother, and he was determined to put up the best struggle he could. His native world depended on it. He did not want to commit fratricide, though, if he could help it, so his first shot was a warning just slightly over his brother's head. Tas Bavol drew back quickly, fired a blast of his own into the desk, and left the room in a hurry. Pias heard him tell the guards to kill the intruder, but Tas himself was not going to wait around to watch the outcome.

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