Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics: C*- by Ola Bratteli, Derek William Robinson

By Ola Bratteli, Derek William Robinson

During this booklet we describe the trouble-free thought of operator algebras and components of the complicated concept that are of relevance, or probably of relevance, to mathematical physics. therefore we describe quite a few functions to quantum statistical mechanics. on the outset of this undertaking we meant to hide this fabric in a single quantity yet during increase­ ment it used to be learned that this is able to entail the omission ofvarious fascinating issues or information. for this reason the booklet used to be cut up into volumes, the 1st dedicated to the final conception of operator algebras and the second one to the functions. This splitting into concept and purposes is traditional yet a little arbitrary. within the final 15-20 years mathematical physicists have discovered the significance of operator algebras and their states and automorphisms for difficulties of box concept and statistical mechanics. however the concept of two decades aga was once mostly constructed for the research of crew representations and it was once insufficient for lots of actual functions. therefore after a quick honey­ moon interval within which the hot came upon instruments of the extant idea have been utilized to the main amenable difficulties an extended and extra attention-grabbing interval ensued within which mathematical physicists have been pressured to redevelop the speculation in proper instructions. New thoughts have been brought, e. g. asymptotic abelian­ ness and KMS states, new suggestions utilized, e. g. the Choquet idea of barycentric decomposition for states, and new structural effects acquired, e. g. the lifestyles of a continuum of nonisomorphic type-three elements.

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E. 2 converges uniformly, and monotonically, to some E2 E m+ and hence, by linearity and positivity, I A,w(E. 2) :s; W(E2). An immediate consequence of this remark is that M < + 00 because M = + 00 gives a contradiction. 10 to obtain Iw(AE,) 12 :s; w(A *A)w(E. 2). Taking the limit over C/. one finds Iw(AW :s; MW(A*A). A*AE. ) :s; IIAI1 2 w(E/). Again taking a limit over rt. one has w(A*A):s; MIIAI12. Combination of these two bounds gives Iw(A)1 :s; MIIAII, which establishes that w is continuous and that Ilwll :s; M.

4. Let mbe a C*-algebra without identity and ~ = C1 + m the C*-algebra obtained by adjoining an identity. If A E mthen the resolvent set r~(A) and the spectrum O"~(m) of A are defined, respectively, by r~(A) = rljj(A), Next, we partially characterize the spectra of special classes of elements of a C*-algebra m. The most important elements are the normal, selfadjoint, isometric, and unitary elements. An element A E mis defined to be normal if AA* = A*A and selfadjoint if A = A*. Functional and Spectral Analysis 29 If m: has an identity ~ then A is called an isometry whenever A*A = ~ and A is unitary if A*A = ~ = AA*.

An important class of nondegenerate representations is the class of cyclic representations. To introduce these representations we first define a vector n in a Hilbert space ~ to be cyclic for a set of bounded operators 9Jl if the set {An; A E 9Jl} is dense in~. 5. A cyclic representation of a C*-algebra IH is defined to be a triple (~, 1t, n), where (~, 1t) is a representation of III and n is a vector in ~ which is cyclic for 1t, in ~. 46 C*-Algebras and von Neumann Algebras In the sequel, if there is no possible ambiguity we will often abbreviate the terminology and say that Q is a cyclic vector, or Q is cyclic for n.

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