Mayan and Aztec Mythology by Michael Schuman

By Michael Schuman

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The twins planned to catch Alligator by offering him his favorite food, crabs. They crafted a magnificent artificial crab made from prairie grass, bamboo, and stone. Then they placed it in a canyon at the base of a mountain called Meavan (mee-VAN). The twins found Alligator in the water and asked him what he was doing. Just as they had hoped, Alligator replied that he was looking for food. He said that he could not find any crabs or fish, and had not eaten for two days. Excitedly, the twins told Alligator about the gigantic crab they said they had just seen in the canyon at the foot of Meavan.

Then their children had children, and before long there were many human beings on the Earth. 29 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q: What fault did the Creators find with the animals they had made? A: The Creators wanted to be praised and loved by their creations, but the animals could not speak. Q: What were some of the problems with the mud people made by the Creators? A: When dry, they had trouble standing upright. When wet, they could not stand at all. They also had no brains and could not think or speak a language.

An elderly man replaced the gemstones from Seven Macaw’s mouth and eyes with white corn. Seven Macaw no longer had self-esteem, and since he no longer felt superior, he felt he had no reason to live. The four hundred sons were so intoxicated after celebrating that they did not see that Alligator was preparing to pull their house down on their heads. They became stars in the sky. They tricked him by placing a gigantic crab in a canyon at the base of a mountain. When Alligator entered the canyon to find and eat the crab, the mountain collapsed on him.

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