Don't worry, it's safe to eat: the true story of GM food, by Andrew Rowell

By Andrew Rowell

An research of technological know-how, politics and our nutrition creation approach, this article exposes the factitious technological know-how, political interference and mistaken rules that threaten our nutrients offer. the writer tells the tale of BSE, revealing how best scientists were muzzled and the way the epidemic maintains. Then, opposed to a backdrop of burning cows, Andrew Rowell exposes how alternate and macro-economic rules overruled stable technology within the foot and mouth disaster. He additionally opens the black field of the so-called GM revolution to reveal the parable in the back of the selling. In tracing how critics are silenced within the bottom-line weather of commercialized technology and privatized wisdom, Rowell tells the real tale of the generally publicized Pusztai GM potato scandal of the past due Nineties and the continuing Mexican maize GM illness affair. eventually, the publication bargains radical strategies to make technological know-how paintings within the public curiosity and supply foodstuff that actually is suitable for eating.

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28 Like Lacey and Dickinson, Grant also believes that teething may have created a more lethal transmission route than eating. ‘One of the features of this disease is that it has attacked young people, whereas normal CJD attacks older people. The reason for that is that when we were getting infected food from 1981 until 1989 many that have now died, were children,’ says Grant. ‘Therefore they were shedding teeth and therefore there were raw areas in their gums, where the teeth go. It means that mouthfuls of infected meat pies could go straight into the blood stream.

70 Professor Philip James, who sat on the EU BSE Scientific steering committee, believes that MAFF’s response was typical of other agricultural ministries around the world. ‘Their primary objective was to sustain and nurture these poor farmers whose livelihood was desperate and on whom the nation depended. ’ Time and again economic interests would steam-roll consumer concerns. The Whitehall machine went into overdrive as ministerial reputations and that of the beef industry superseded worries over public health.

MAFF asked for key sections of the draft to be re-worded. ’105 ‘What they should have said’ says Lacey, is that ‘we have a new disease. It is infectious. We know that these infections cause disease in a range of mammals. We don’t know what range of mammals BSE can infect. Therefore we should assume the precautionary principle, that it may affect us unless proved otherwise. Because we human beings are vulnerable’. Neither Dickinson’s nor Lacey’s views were sought. They would have been two of the key scientists who could have changed the course of the BSE epidemic.

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