Don't Worry (It's Safe to Eat): The True Story of GM Food, by Andrew Rowell

By Andrew Rowell

An research of technological know-how, politics and our meals creation process, this article exposes the unreal technology, political interference and incorrect rules that threaten our nutrition provide. the writer tells the tale of BSE, revealing how best scientists were muzzled and the way the epidemic maintains. Then, opposed to a backdrop of burning cows, Andrew Rowell exposes how alternate and macro-economic rules overruled solid technological know-how within the foot and mouth disaster. He additionally opens the black field of the so-called GM revolution to show the parable at the back of the promoting. In tracing how critics are silenced within the bottom-line weather of commercialized technological know-how and privatized wisdom, Rowell tells the genuine tale of the commonly publicized Pusztai GM potato scandal of the past due Nineteen Nineties and the continued Mexican maize GM illness affair. eventually, the booklet bargains radical ideas to make technological know-how paintings within the public curiosity and supply nutrition that truly is suitable for eating.

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I thought that by 1993, with all that had happened they would be a little bit more humble. ’23 Holt says he ‘expected more support from the Phillips Inquiry’ too. He believes that the overriding conclusion to be drawn from Phillips is that, whilst people like himself turned out to be correct, they were lucky because the evidence was not particularly worrying. ‘That to me is wrong. I was there. I remember what Hugh Fraser felt and what Kenton Morgan felt. It is wrong to suggest that there was not enough evidence at the time to be concerned.

20 When Holt wrote the BMJ piece, the government had not yet set up the Southwood Committee. When it was established Holt was ‘amazed’ 38 DON’T WORRY – IT’S SAFE TO EAT that none of the Edinburgh NPU scientists – like Fraser or Dickinson were on it. ‘The other person who was missing was Kenton Morgan, who is now a Professor at Liverpool [of Epidemiology in the Faculty of Veterinary Science], but was a research vet interested in scrapie’ he says. Morgan was an obvious candidate for the Southwood Committee, argues Holt: ‘Why wasn’t he selected, because they know what they would get if they asked him for their advice.

Dickinson does not want to overstate the risk of pastural contamination but believes it could extend the life of the epidemic, exactly what is currently happening. Although Dickinson’s research was never published, rumours of the experiment had reached the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) by the late 1980s. 26 The authorities knew of the problem, it is just that they never seemed to take any notice. We know that other countries have BSE too. There have been approximately 2700 cases in ten other European countries.

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