Distribution and density of Fallout from MIKE shot - US Navy

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This‘improvisation did not eliminate the broadness of the trace caused by the action of the waves. Therefore, although large changes of rainfall were readily aptient,$all increases that may have occurred during the fall-out were not. The shields for the rain gages as employed on the lagoon staUona_were very effective. None of the lagoon-based rain gages suffered damage, and only the c&eat received thermal burns on the unshielded top surface area. The land-based rain gages which were not shielded, -1.

Is sufficient. 3 1 ,:r LLd ~:- . -collector and, since UWfall-out was composed to its effectiveness could be drawn. Differential Fall-out CollectW=+ The basic design [email protected] this collector had many valuable features. Moving the aperture rather than the [email protected] trays eliminated the need of a large power source. The problem of cross contamination of collecting trays was minimized by the close fit between the moving belt and the tray and the fact that, once sealed after collection, the trays were not opened until analysis was begun at the laboratory.

1 PROCEDURE ANALYSIS OF THE TOTAL-COLLECTOR SAMPLES Since the total collectors were open to the atmosphere before and after the fall-out period, the samples recovered from them were mixed with rain water. Consequently some of the fission product leached from the particulate to the rain water. When each sample was recovered, 1 pt of distilled water was poured through tlhe total collectors. This flushing washed most of the particulate from the funnel and tubing into the collecting bottle. The samples were treated as follows: 1.

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