Devil, Don't Touch My Stuff by Ed Dr. Dufresne

By Ed Dr. Dufresne

This ebook was once written so grownup believers may well clutch the very important suggestion of the authority Jesus gave us over devil and his kingdom---the authority that enables us to claim, "Devil, do not contact my stuff!" Dr. Ed Dufresne

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You aren't hurting the church — God will take care of the church—you're really hurting yourself. " You're deceiving yourself, and some preacher helped you deceive yourself. " The reason people say that is because they're doubleminded. And why are you worrying about finances when God said He'd meet all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus? "Brother Dufresne, you don't know. " Don't you think God can restore that? " I'm not belittling your plight, but God can breathe out of His left nostril and give it all back to you, if you'll just believe Him.

When she told me about the badge, the hair rose on the back of my head. The Spirit of God came all over me, and the Lord said, "I have given my people a badge of authority, and that's the Name of Jesus. '" Do you know what your "stuff" is? It's your family, your money, your goods, your house, your health, and anything else that belongs to you. For example, you should tell the devil to take his hands off your unsaved family members and loose them and let them go in the Name of Jesus. But you must believe it when you say it.

The Holy Spirit would never tell you you're ugly and no good. The Holy Spirit would never say that. Of course, He convicts you of sin, but He never puts you down. It's those familiar spirits that have been dogging you all your life that put you down. For example, sometimes you get to a certain point in life, like in your marriage, and that devil knows how to push that button to deceive you into getting a divorce. You ought to say, "No, no, in the Name of Jesus, I resist you! No! " These deceiving familiar spirits will also convince you that people won't accept you because you're the wrong color, the wrong size, or something else.

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