Designing with Structural : A Guide for Architects (AISC) by Alford Johnson

By Alford Johnson

Designing with Structural metal ДИЗАЙН, ДОМ и СЕМЬЯ, ПРОФЕССИИ И РЕМЕСЛА Название:Designing with Structural metal A advisor for Architects Издательство: American Institute of metal building Дата публикации: 2d variation, 2002ISBN (eng): 1564240525 Язык: English Формат: PDF Размер: 2.5 MB Количество страниц: 374The objective of this advisor is to supply architects with the instruments had to consider more well-off and assured operating with structural metal in development tasks. With a better realizing of the features and inherent merits of structural metal, architects may be ready to higher make the most of metal as a framing fabric. a few of the strengths structural metal deals in development layout is excessive resiliency and function below harsh and hard stipulations, i.e., earthquakes and hurricanes. metal deals the power to span nice distances with slenderness and style. metal will be formed to accomplish curved kinds and is going up fast to satisfy difficult development schedules in nearly any climate situation. metal could be simply transformed sooner or later to meet altering necessities. And with nearly all structural metal produced within the usa this day made of recycled vehicles and different metal items, metal deals environmental sustainability for the future.Скачать.comuploading.com0

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Figure 18. Types of dynamic loading Damping and Critical Damping. Damping refers to the loss of mechanical energy in a vibrating system. Damping is usually expressed as the percent of critical damping or as the ratio of actual damping to critical damping. Critical damping is the smallest amount of viscous damping for which a free vibrating system that is displaced from equilibrium and released comes to rest without oscillation. Resonance. If a frequency component of an exciting force is equal to a natural frequency of the structure, resonance will occur.

Describes a method of cleaning surfaces to bare metal and retaining or producing a surface profile by using power tools. This method differs from SSPC-SP3 (Power Tool Cleaning) in that PAGE 41 SYSTEMS SSPC-SP3 requires only the removal of loosely adherent material and does not require the production or retention of a surface profile. Before power tool cleaning, visible deposits of oil or grease shall be removed by the method outlined in SSPC-SP1. When SSPC-SP11 power tool cleaned surfaces are viewed without magnification, they shall be free of oil, grease, dirt, rust, mill scale, rust, paint, oxide and corrosion products and other foreign matter.

This specification is usually not appropriate and is generally not in the best interest of the owner. An examination of a number of buildings that had been in use for more than 50 years indicated no corrosion of any significance whether or not the steel was painted. Some isolated locations of severe corrosion had been found in these buildings, but only at localized spots where water had been allowed to seep in and remain in contact with the steel for long periods of time. Results of this study led the American Institute of Steel Construction to conclude that structural steel hidden between the exterior cladding of a building and the interior finish need not be painted.

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