Dachshund: Your Happy Healthy Pet by Ann Gordon

By Ann Gordon

The authoritative info and suggestion you wish, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly! initially bred as badger hunters, Dachshunds this present day are one of the world's favourite kin pets--clever, inquisitive, fun-loving canine who're a pleasure to possess. This up to date consultant delivers all of the details you must comprehend, decide upon, educate, and take care of a Dachshund, together with: * An in-depth examine the Dachshund temperament * The attention-grabbing background of the breed * assistance for choosing a Dachshund dog or grownup puppy * tips about feeding, grooming, and future health * Savvy recommendation on burglary and easy education * Bonus bankruptcy on hand on spouse site

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In addition to seeing the dogs, attending an all-breed or a specialty show provides an opportunity to talk to Dachshund breeders and owners. They will be more than willing to talk to you about Dachshunds and try to answer any questions you may have. You may find you really hit it off with a particular breeder, and that’s a good start toward finding the person you want to get your Dachshund from. Finding a Good Dachshund Breeder Where do you look for a Dachshund? With few exceptions, the answer is to contact a responsible breeder.

His nose is extraordinary! Dachshunds can smell candy wrappers in a wastepaper basket, a speck of food under a cabinet, a well-aged crumb behind the refrigerator. If your dog tells you something is lurking out of your sight, believe him! This breed hunts—anything. Scents appeal to him. Following them is what he was bred to do. Because of this, he should never be off leash unless he is in a secure, confined area. Once he gets the scent of an animal, he is single-minded and will be off. Even if he has been trained to respond to commands, if he picks up a scent, he’ll go after it!

Premium foods are sold in pet supply stores and sometimes through veterinarians’ offices. These tend to be more expensive, but you do get what you pay for. The main difference between the premium foods and the brands found in the grocery store is the density per volume. In other words, a tablespoon of premium food is likely to contain more With dog food, you generally get what you pay for. The premium foods really are better.

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