Counting Procs. and Survival Anal. by T. Fleming, D. Harrington

By T. Fleming, D. Harrington

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Summary and Conclusions In this article, we have presented a new diagnostic based on knock-on deuterons, which will simultaneously diagnose the areal densities in three different regions of the compressed ICF target. These targets have three layers (DT, CH, and CD), and the areal density of each of these layers can be inferred from the deuteron diagnostic. In addition, knock-on CH layer can be used to independently protons from the deduce the areal density of the plastic. When used in conjunction with a detector that measures the neutron rate history of an implosion (NTD), the time in the implosion probed by this diagnostic can be identified.

33,761 7. V. N. Goncharov, R. Betti, R. L. McCrory, P. Sorotokin, Verdon, Phys. Plasmas 3, 1402 (1996). and C. P. 12. R. Betti, V. N. Goncharov, Plasmas 5, 1446 (1998). 8. V. N. D thesis, University of Rochester, 1998. 13. R. L. McCrory and C. P. Verdon, in ConrputerApplicorions in Plasma Science and Engineering, edited by A. T. Drobot (Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991). 9. ( 1994). ( 1974). R. L. McCrory, and C. P. Verdon, Phys. LLE Review, Vo[wne 77 ... --. ,r. -. ,,+>, , . ,. —-~~~—-- “,,. -- --7------- Reverse Intersystem Crossing from a Triplet State of Rose Bengal Populated by Sequential 532-nm plus 1064-nm Laser Excitation Photodynamic The singlet oxygen produced therapy is a treatment in which the combination of a dye, light, and oxygen causes photochemically cell death.

32 Time evolution of the ablation-front perturbation calculated using analytlc formula (22) (solid line) compared with the numerical results (dots) of the 2-D hydrocode ORCHID. toward the blowoff plasma. As shown in Refs. 7, 8, and 10, however, the appropriate value of the blowoff velocity to be substituted into the sharp-boundary model is pulse with an intensity of 100 TW/cm2. 1 pm, and its wavelength is 20 pm. The dots represent the result of 2-D hydrocode ORCHID, 13 and of ablation front (proportional the solid line shows the prediction of the sharp-boundary model.

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