Cosmetics Additives - An Industrial Guide by Ernest W. Flick

By Ernest W. Flick

Describes approximately 4,000 cosmetics ingredients for commercial use, compiled from details from eighty four brands and vendors. The cosmetics and private care items has a $60 billion industry around the globe, and destiny progress is anticipated. within the US the industry breaks down approximately into: hair care, 20%; fragrances, 20%; skincare, 14%; make-up, 17%; deodorants and pores and skin and physique creams, 10%; and oral care items, 10%. development is predicted in items focusing on ethnic markets and dealing girls. The publication lists the next product info, as to be had, within the manufacturer's personal phrases: (1) corporation identify and product type, (2) alternate identify and product quantity, (3) Product description. additionally incorporated are a alternate identify Index and a listing of providers' Addresses.

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5 6 Cosmetics Additives AKZO CHEMIE AMERICA: ELFACOS E200: ELFACOS E200: CTFA adopted name: Methoxy PEG-22/Dodecyl Glycol Copolymer Typical Data: Average mol. wt. (GPC): approx. 1,800 Solidification point (DAB7): approx. 25C Active matter: 98% min. water: 70/30): approx. 6-7 pH (5% in methanol/ Colour Gardner: 5 max. Density (30C): approx. 0,96 g/cm3 Flashpoint (Pensky Martens): approx. 167C Appearance: This non-ionic high molecular product is solid at room temperature. It has to be slightly heated up to 30C and mixed thoroughly before use.

The liquid form of ELFACOS ST37 does not only ease manufacture but also has a favourable influence on the consistency and spreading properties of the emulsions. Due to its solid consistency ELFACOS ST9 is especially suitable for the preparation of decorative cosmetics. Akzo Chemie America AKZO CHEMIE AMERICA: ELFACOS C26: ELFACOS C26: CTFA adopted name: Hydroxyoctacosanyl Hydroxystearate Typical Data: Acid value: 5-10 Saponification value ( 1 , 5 hrs): 75-90 Melting point: approx. 80C Iodine value: max.

Lipophilic solubiliser. compatible with all other cosmetic ingredients. - stable against electrolytes, mild acids and bases. - good dermatological and toxicological properties. in combination with hydrophilic emulsifiers as an O/W complex emulsifier. - increasing the water binding capacity of ointments. - for difficult soluble active substances in lipophilic bases. - for insoluble active substance in lipophilic bases as a wetting agent. - - Akzo Chemie America AKZO CHEMIE AMERICA: ELFACOS 7 GT282: ELFACOS GT282 is a nonionic polyalkylene glycol with an average molecular weight of about 3000.

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