Control Charts by J. Murdoch (auth.)

By J. Murdoch (auth.)

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60 The i test cannot be applied as there are not sufficient degrees of freedom. However, there is clearly no evidence of out of control. L. 04 kg, and sample size n = 6. 534 Control limits for Shewhart control chart are obtained as follows. 6). 55 (from table 2*) y6 Note. The probability of getting a point outside the lower limit can be ignored. 1% chance of detecting change inside three samples. 06. 0 (from table 1*). 0005). 00 1. 4. 4% in the next two samples of size 100. 10 mm, sample size n = 5, nominal dimension= 10 mm.

1 No. of breakdowns per week Week No. 1 shows the conventional graph of the plot of the number of breakdowns. 6 0 5 10 15 20 25 Week No.

In practice usually only upper limits are employed. 053 kg The slight difference being due to the rounding off errors in calculating the standard deviation (a 0 ). 1·015 c. ;!! 8' ·;"' l 1·010 Action limit ------Warning limit 1·005 1·000 0·095 0·090 0•985 Action limit (a l 0·005 ]' 0·004 i ~ 0·003 0·002 0·001 0 Sample No. 2 gives these control charts together with the results of 25 samples. When the samples are plotted, the plot should be examined for evidence of out of control - points outside the limits.

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