Communicating with animals: the spiritual connection between by Arthur Myers

By Arthur Myers

Most folk have informed their puppy to "sit" or heard the insistent meows of a cat at dinnertime, yet millions are researching that they could really keep on significant, nonverbal conversations with animals. In speaking with Animals, veteran reporter Arthur Myers explores the phenomenon of human-animal conversation in hundreds and hundreds of case reports. Readers will study the heritage of animal conversation, compelling facts of animal reincarnation, and the way to exploit their untapped brain energy to shape psychic hyperlinks with animals.

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I may have been doing this as a kid, hearing animals. I probably was a lot more psychic than I realized. I think Echo had been speaking to me for some time, until I finally heard her speaking in my head. I had read a little book by Penelope Smith called Animal Talk that gives you steps you can take to start communicating with your animal. Some of the things Penelope talked about I realized I had been doing for some time, it had just come natural to me. These stepsfrom Penelope's bookbegin with a person spending time with the animal in a quiet place and visualizing something.

I was at Samantha's house and she suggested that I work with Robbie. So I went into the room where she had him and began to work with him, to try to reach his mind and emotions. The first thing I heard was water. At first I thought it was the ocean. It was big, and through the eyes of the bird I could see a lot of people around. Robbie was on this man's shoulder. The man was dark complexioned, but not necessarily Mexican. There are a lot of Mexicans in that area. This man had dark hair, but a different facial structure from a Hispanic person.

His theory has for centuries been called Occam's razor. I have my own version of Occam's razor. I usually lean toward the answer that is not only the simplest and most apparent, but also the most interesting, the most fun. I hope you have fun reading this book. Page 1 1 You Can Talk with Animals If You're Psychicand We're All Psychic Can you talk with animals? I don't mean, can you say, "Sit, Rover" or "Let's play ball" and get an appropriate response from your four-legged friend. Anyone who has dealt with domesticated animals knows that such communication is possible, that the animals can understand some things you say.

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