Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing by Bird D.

By Bird D.

As a part of a virtually established publication sequence geared toward heart and senior point company managers, this primary paperback variation of a advisor at first released in 1982 demystifies positioning, media (examples included), birthing principles, and different elements of direct advertising in a conversational tone. poultry, a veteran British direct marketer who now runs his personal corporation, concludes that it's time for the sector to move complete circle in want of generalists over experts.

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My education took yet another leap forward when the advertisement proved wildly successful. WHAT CAN YOU SELL? Apart from being unwarrantedly cocksure in my youth, I have always been very forgetful. For in the years since that early lesson from my American client, when asked what you could not sell through direct marketing I nevertheless always used to reply confidently that you couldn’t sell very expensive products; nor could you sell very cheap products like, for instance, baked beans or Coca-Cola.

How much can you afford? To answer this question, you must ask another: how much is a customer worth? Or to put it another way: how much is it worth paying to recruit a new customer, and what will you gain from keeping that customer? Each season you set a budget to mail, advertise or otherwise spend money to recruit a given number of new customers at a given cost. You are not merely trying to make sales, you are trying to make new customers, who will become friends – but only at a cost you can afford.

It is with the subsequent sales that you make the gravy. You begin to know and understand your customer. You establish a relationship. That is good business. So it is with direct marketing. Your best customer is not your unknown prospect in the street, milling around amongst others. He is the person you The Three Graces of direct marketing ᔢ 23 know, who knows you. You can offer precisely what he needs, and sell to him much more easily. My first inkling of the fact that it was a continuing relationship that mattered in this business came nearly 40 years ago when I saw an advertisement in a newspaper.

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