Coins, 1896-1929 (Corinth) by Katharine M. Edwards

By Katharine M. Edwards

Rather than discussing the historic, political, or monetary deductions that may be drawn from cash, this record easily offers an illustrated catalogue of all cash came across in the course of excavations in Corinth from 1896 to 1929. the diversity of alternative classes released is superb, from Corinthian mints of the Greek interval to Frankish cash imported through later invaders. Examples of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Frankish, and Venetian cash are provided. The Turkish conquest is taken because the finish of the interval represented.

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Dionysus seated r. on throne, holding thyrsus erect before him. C. 601, pl. XX, 4. 1 1 * . , laureate. , holding [torch] and bow; at her feet, stag 1. and dog r. P.... , laureate. COR CLI Tyche, turreted, standing 1. before altar, holding patera and cornucopiae. 2 COR.. 1 .. , laureate. , both wings showing, holding wreath and palm. 1 32 GREEK COINS Size. ih. WTeight. No. C of sf Coins. No. Metal. , laureate. Chimaera r. Cohen 1221. 1 148 _E 24 ... , laureate. 1 149 4E 26 .... , laureate. Obverse.

164. C. , holding serpent Head of Hera, facing, on Ionic in beak and claws; above, IAIZ; capital; wears fillet with ends beneath, AAe. hanging down at sides. C. (Cent. ), p. 115, nos. 96-103. Chalcis. , bare. , with headdress of three rows of pearls (no capital). Cf. C. (Cent. ), p. 117, no. 108. 1 1 47 GREEK COINS No. Metal. Size Weight. 276 E 22, 23 Reverse. Obverse XAAKI .... , with headdress of three rows of pearls, set on Ionic capital. Cf. C. (Cent. ), p. 117, nos. ). N KAI... , laureate.

TRAJAN 98-117 *109 E 21-24 .... RAIA *.? , laureate. COL IVL LAV COR Poseidon seated 1. on throne, holding dolphin and trident. C. 588. E 26, 27 IMP CAES ? , laureate. , laureate. COLLIV .... Ino, with Melicertes in her arms, running r. 1 Round temple with domed roof and five equidistant columns; within, Melicertes on dolphin. Hunter, p. 104, no. 136. P. pl. B xi, XII, XIII). 112 E 24 113 E 21, 24 114 E 22 ... , bare. COR Table under pine-tree, on which Melicertes on dolphin. P. p. 11, no. 1, pl.

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