Classification of Algebraic Varieties by Carel Faber, Gerard van der Geer, Eduard Looijenga

By Carel Faber, Gerard van der Geer, Eduard Looijenga

Interesting and wonderful advancements are happening within the category of algebraic types. The paintings of Hacon and McKernan and so on is inflicting a wave of breakthroughs within the minimum version software: we now recognize that for a delicate projective sort the canonical ring is finitely generated. those new effects and strategies are reshaping the sphere. encouraged by way of this intriguing development, the editors prepared a gathering at Schiermonnikoog and invited major specialists to put in writing papers concerning the fresh advancements. the result's the current quantity, a full of life testimony to the surprising advances that originate from those new rules. This quantity may be of curiosity to a variety of natural mathematicians, yet will attraction in particular to algebraic and analytic geometers. A e-book of the ecu Mathematical Society (EMS). disbursed in the Americas through the yank Mathematical Society.

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4. (2) The associated stack is XF = PF Gm . This comes with the natural line bundle L = LF associated to the principal bundle PF → XF . 27 Stable varieties We drop the index F and write X and P when no confusion is likely. We denote by π : X → X the resulting morphism. 2. (1) The family X → B is a family of cyclotomic orbispaces uniformized by L, with fibers satisfying Serre’s condition S2 . (2) The morphism π : X → X makes X into the coarse moduli space of X . This morphism is an isomorphism on the open subset where F is invertible, the complement of which has codimension > 1 in each fiber.

Proof. 2 gives the functor from the category of Koll´ ar families of Q-line bundles to the category of uniformized twisted varieties. We now give an inverse. Fix a uniformized twisted variety (X → B, L), with coarse moduli space π : X → X. 6), the universal property of coarse moduli spaces guarantees that each fiber of X → B is reduced. 7, LN descends to an invertible sheaf on X, which coincides with π∗ LN . Each geometric point of X admits an ´etale neighborhood which is isomorphic to a quotient of an affine S2 -scheme V by the action of µr .

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