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Mi-Lam: The Dream Practice

This tradition from the Upadesha sequence of Dzogchen permits the practitioner to acknowledge the kingdom of the dream and to take advantage of it for perform hence constructing readability of the country of contemplation. Teachings given at Subiaco (Italy) in July 1976.

Scanned and shared via Yuchen Namkhai as a present of affection to all of the global.

Isthmia VII: The Metal Objects, 1952-1889

Items made up of bronze, iron, copper, gold, silver, and lead and recovered from the sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia are released during this quantity. a few of the items, even if very fragmentary, have been recovered from the particles of the Archaic Temple of Poseidon and belong to the formative section of the sanctuary through the seventh and sixth centuries B.

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Eventually they get round to trials of all the reputable possibilities in a position. Black 2 is a very good play in this case, certainly. White by pushing moves against it will only help to build up Black's right corner. Exactly that relationship with the Chinese enclosure has been seen in very many recent games featuring the mini-Chinese. As we show it, the mini-Chinese Black has created stretches up the right-hand side of the board. That then forms, with the Black 4-4 point in the left corner, an example of what my colleague John Fairbairn insists on calling the 'Sideways Chinese'.

For example the hanging connection with the marked white stone is bad. It is easy for Black to attack as shown. One cannot simply ignore nearby stones such as the marked black one. They must somehow be factored into the plan. White has ended Page 64 sur 138 On Your Side by Charles Matthews, 3-dan up with a heavy group - one that is hard to defend. Normally making a heavy group signifies unskilful play of the stubborn persuasion. Black's second string attack is in fact this quiet diagonal play at 2.

This therefore is one standard continuation. White does better in living in the corner than previously. Notice that White plays 17, not because it is intrinsically good - it weakens the two marked stones - but because a Black play here would actually threaten the corner. Page 62 sur 138 On Your Side by Charles Matthews, 3-dan If Black exchanges 8 for 9, White can be content. However it goes after that, Black has put the two-stone chain including 8 into bad shape. Black 10 immediately is safest, but White's problem of making shape on the outside has become simplified.

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