Catalogue of the Greek Coins in the British Museum. Vol 28 by Hill George Francis

By Hill George Francis

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Morg. , 37 Martin (1883), p. 390. E. Glaser, Die Abessinier in Arabien und AfrlJca, 1895. Hartmann, Der Islamische Orient, ii {Die Arabische Frage), 1909, is written from the political and sociological rather than from the historical standpoint. The summary by Tkac in Pauly-Wissowa-Kroll, Realencyclopadie. viii, 2182 fF. (Homeritae), and his immense article 'Saba' in the same work, lA 2, 12981511, may also be consulted. The latter appeared too late for consultation while this section was being written, but has been referred to later.

He still y. 370, ; but such where the type is also p. 16, no. 51). adheres to his view in Num. , 1916, p. 192. ^ He publishes an interesting variation of the type, his base looks rather like a throne (here PI. is AOY ; in the exergue OC (which is XLIX. 14). probably for ©€ fig. 20, on which the On the left, upwards, [^C] as in Dussaud's reading of the Rouvier specimen). * Since the above was written, the technical objections to the wine-press theory have been put with convincing force in Rev. , 1916, p.

Musil, Arabia ; (1907), pp. 45-62. ^ Such as the X^^Ji'tt erected to Dusares at Umm-el-Jimal {Princeton Univ. Arch. , div. iv, sect. A, p. 34). For Nabataean pillar-idols generally, see Dalman, Petra - Benzinger ' Briinnow-Domaszewski, de Saulcy, with * De Saulcy, 70. u. s. Felslieiligtilmer, p. in Paulj'-Wissowa, v, 834 iii, AKZAIOY, Joe. cit. ; p. 264 f. ; de Saulcy, pp. 378 The coin discussed fF. at such length by belongs to Seleucia on the Tigris. cit. and p. in Zeitschr. d. detitschen Pcdastina-Vereins.

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