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Choose the correct word from each pair to complete this sentence. On a number line, positive numbers are found to the (left/right) of zero and negative numbers are found to the (left/right) of zero. 2. 5 In exercises 3–11, find x. 3. |3| = x 4. 5| = x 5. |–2| = x 6. 14| = x 7. 17| = x 8. |x| = 0 9. |465| = x 10. |–465| = x 11. |x| = 465 (Hint: Look at exercises 9 and 10) 12. What is wrong with the equation |x| = –1? Round Up You’ve seen the number line plenty of times in earlier grades, but it’s always useful.

Equi valent F ve the Same Value Equiv Frractions Ha Hav Equivalent fractions are fractions of the same value — for example, 2 3 and 4 1 , 6 2 and To simplify 4 6 4 8 to . 2 , 3 you can rewrite the numerator and denominator as products of factors (factor them). You can then cancel any common factors by dividing both the numerator and denominator by those factors to produce an equivalent fraction. Example Convert 4 6 to 1 2 . 3 Solution First factor the numerator and denominator: 4 6 = 2⋅2 2⋅3 . 3 — Exponents, Roots, and Fractions Guided Practice 1.

5. 6. 2 — The Real Number System 21 The Pr oduct is Wha y Product hatt You Get When You Multipl Multiply Check it out: The numbers being multiplied together are called factors. In a similar way, the sign of the product of any real numbers depends on the signs of the numbers being multiplied (the factors). The rules for the sign of the product of any two real numbers are as follows: Signs of the factors: Sign of the product: + + + – – + + – – For example, 5 × 2 = 10 — positive. The set of positive real numbers is closed under multiplication.

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