Бумажные модели. JAGUAR-Mk2 SALOON

Книга Бумажные модели. JAGUAR-Mk2 SALOON. Бумажные модели. JAGUAR-Mk2 SALOON.Книги Дом. Быт. Досуг Автор: Canon Год издания: 2007 Формат: pdf Издат.:Canon Страниц: 14 Размер: 3,13 мб Язык: Английский fifty one (голосов: 1) Оценка:Модель спортивного автомобиля (выкройки). Новая модель от Canon.

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The latter arrangement is strongly indicated when the children are in their early teens or older, and both parents are involved and concerned with su­ pervision and guidance. ” 24 | Canadian Family Law Older children usually make their own decisions. They just aren’t going to be controlled by the agreement of their parents that one or the other has custody. Also, as children grow up, there’s a better chance that the relation­ ship between parent and child can survive the separation. If the parents split when the child is, say, three years old and the parent with custody remarries, often the new spouse will completely replace the natural parent.

In other cases, the ex-husband has been held to the strict terms of the agreement, especially where the wife has remarried a man far less able to support her. The leading case is now Bhupal v. Bhupal (2008), discussed in the Chapter 4 under Variation of Spousal Support. SUPPORT AND CUSTODY OF CHILDREN Support for children is usually fixed until the children reach an agreed age. Often this age is eighteen, with a provision that the children are entitled to support after age eighteen and until age twenty-one or possibly longer, as long as the children are ordinarily living at home and attending school and have not themselves married.

In one, the wife was living in what judges used to call “open adultery” and the husband applied to be relieved of his obligations to pay her under the separation agreement. The effect of the judgment was that he had made a deal and it was his own fault if he failed adequately to protect himself, so the payments continued. The effect of remarriage in these circumstances has led to different results in different cases. In some, it has been held that a woman should not be sup­ ported by two men, and the ex-husband was excused from support on public policy grounds.

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