Bounds on the Effective Theory of Gravity in Models of by Michael Atkins

By Michael Atkins

The potent thought of quantum gravity coupled to versions of particle physics is being probed by way of innovative experiments in either excessive power physics (searches for additional dimensions) and cosmology (testing versions of inflation). This thesis derives new bounds which may be put on those versions either theoretically and experimentally. In versions of additional dimensions, the inner consistency of the theories at excessive energies are investigated through perturbative unitarity bounds. equally it really is proven that fresh types of Higgs inflation be afflicted by a breakdown of perturbative unitarity in the course of the inflationary interval. additionally, the thesis makes use of the most recent LHC info to derive the 1st ever experimental certain at the dimension of the Higgs boson's non-minimal coupling to gravity.

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3 Running of the Planck Mass and Renormalisation Group Improved Unitarity Bound 19 + Fig. 1 The one loop contribution to the running Planck mass. The curly line represents the graviton and the straight lines represents the matter particles running in the loop constant by Larsen and Wilczek [7] (see also Ref. 1) where Nl = Ns + Nψ − 4NV . 2) Note that Nl is not the same as N and noticeably the sign for the contribution of vector bosons is opposite in the two cases. This result has been rigorously derived using heat kernel techniques (see Refs.

Thus the hierarchy problem is addressed in the RS model by having no large hierarchy of scales between the bare parameters.

2 Imaginary Part with Breit-Wigner Width With the principal value prescription for dealing with the sum in the zero width approximation, an imaginary part is generated. As mentioned above, a unitarity bound can be derived from this (see Ref. [8]), however since this part of the amplitude is appearing from the exchange of an on shell graviton, we choose here to derive the unitarity bound using the full expression for the width of KK gravitons for much greater accuracy. Including the Breit-Wigner width, we again have to evaluate the partial wave amplitude numerically in order to determine the imaginary part.

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