Boundary Layer Dynamics by National Research Council, Division on Engineering and

By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications Commission on Physical Sciences, Panel on Boundary Layer Dynamics

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Properties, physical and biological, of the ocean's mixed layer determine the nature of the working environment and margin of safety afforded for virtually all underwater naval operations. Research Status This section discusses the status of experimental and theoretical research in two areas: (1) OBL-related acoustical oceanography, and (2) MABL-related optical oceanography. Oceanic Boundary Layer-Related Acoustical Oceanography The development of acoustic Doppler current meters over the last decade has provided the tools to begin measuring waves, currents, Langmuir circulation, and turbulence in the OBL.

Please use the print version of this publication as the authoritative version for attribution. html APPENDIX A— 36 Theoretical Approach Leading theoretical research groups include those at: Naval Research Laboratory Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University Defense Research Establishment Pacific (Canada) ELECTROMAGNETIC PROPAGATION AND SIGNATURE PHYSICS Physics of SAR Imagery of the Ocean Experimental Approach Leading experimental research groups include those at: University of Hamburg (Germany) Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington Environmental Research Institute of Michigan Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology ORE, Inc.

Second, to make progress in a timely way, operational personnel and researchers from academia and government laboratories must work side by side (at the same facility) in a collaborative mode to exchange ideas and thoughts that then would be evaluated in research and prototype models of operational forecast and prediction models. These research and prototype models would run in parallel, or reprocess historical data sets, to assess the impact of new coupling and feedback schemes and/or assimilation of heterogeneous data sets.

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