Biggles Flies Again by Capt. W.E. Johns

By Capt. W.E. Johns

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That's fine," broke in Mr. " nodded Biggles. "To tell you the truth, I don't know where he is. " Mr. Hollinger dismissed his crew, and over an excellent breakfast on the beach, supplied by the ship's galley, the story soon unfolded itself. "He must have overheard me discussing the wreck with my daughter," exclaimed Mr. " asked Biggles quickly. " cried Algy, aghast. "I shouldn't be surprised," laughed the American. " Briefly, Biggles explained what had happened, and the old man listened in amazement to his story, laughing loudly at Algy's interpolated comments on the character of the Oil Investment Company of British Guiana.

Hollinger. " "I'm not thinking so much of the distance as of the difficulty of getting fuel on the way," said Biggles, as they made their way to the dinghy in order to examine the map in the chart-room of Hollinger's yacht, the Sea Dream. "We've an endurance range of about seven hundred miles, and we could carry some spare fuel with us. We can follow the Pan American route via Port of Spain, Maracaibo, and Panama, and then down the other side via Buenaventura, I believe it goes. " cried the (American enthusiastically.

I'll tell you, Algy," said the newcomer in a tone of voice which left no possible room for doubt; "it'll be another warty lizard. Maybe it will have a blue belly, for a change, but that makes no difference to the flavour; yellow, red, green—they all taste alike. Smyth will come to the edge of the water, just there"—he pointed to the tiny promontory of mud beside which the machine was moored—"and he'll say, 'Sorry, sir, but this is the best I can do today! ' " "Well, that'll be better than alligator," replied the first speaker.

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