Big Hair and Flying Cows by Dolores J. Wilson

By Dolores J. Wilson

Bertie Byrd is exclusive. to claim the least.

She calls candy Meadow, Georgia, domestic, the place she works for her father doing automobile upkeep. She additionally drives the tow-truck, even if candy Meadow's really colourful denizens are inclined to deal with Bertie extra just like the neighborhood, loose taxi carrier. you recognize, an individual has to get to a doctor's appointment or choose whatever up on the dry cleaners.

Bertie's favourite day of the week is Friday, while she leaves the wrecker along with her father for the complete weekend and joins her neighbors on the Dew Drop hotel for an evening of dancing. Her ally, Mary Lou, occasionally fixes her up with doubtful dates, even supposing Bertie has to remind her pal to not tease her hair too excessive for these events. just like the time after they went to Carrie Sue's open apartment, and a ceramic cow with angel wings putting from a ceiling fan locked its hooves into Bertie's large hair and refused to enable cross. She needed to put on all of it evening, dangling chain and all.

Bertie's approximately excellent existence is ready to take a downhill flip, notwithstanding. It begins while her landlord, Pete, at the moment a resident in a close-by nursing domestic, starts off exhibiting up at her condo. In his birthday swimsuit. a really badly wrinkled birthday go well with. after which she is going to her mailbox, a rubber huge mouth bass, and reveals a detect from the zoning fee asserting she will be able to no longer park the wrecker in her driveway. the attention is signed by way of George Bigham. but if she is going to the courthouse to keep up her little challenge, it is just to find George Bigham is deceased. And Mary Lou's being pregnant try simply got here up optimistic. Can it get any worse?

In a word... sure.

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Once inside I asked the handsome elderly man, Paul, according to his name badge, at the information desk where I could find George Bigham with the Zoning Commission. ” The man shook his head rapidly. ” I fumbled in my purse and pulled out the letter I’d received. Unfolding it, I showed it to the man. “Mr. ” “So he did. ” “I’m sorry. ” This clown was serious. He never cracked a smile, just shook his head. As if this were the 50 Big Hair and Flying Cows most profound thing I’d ever heard, I shook my head and clicked my tongue.

A voice belonging to at least an eighty-year-old man wiggled its way through the phone to my brain. There was a shuffling noise, then a different voice spoke. “You better listen to us, deary. ” “Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, I’m being threatened by the Rest In Peace gang from the old folks home,” I said to Mary Lou. She smiled, then went to the bathroom to check her stick. “Hey, buster, tell your nurse to come to the phone. ” The man on the end of the line sucked in a quick, sharp breath, then started to hack.

There was the time I started to put chewing gum in Donna’s hair when we were in junior high school. I thought better of it at the last minute, then you said something to make me laugh. I ended up spitting my gum into her hair anyway. ” I rubbed my throbbing temple. ” “We all wander from reality like that at some time in our lives. The fact remains you didn’t go through with it. That’s what separates the thinkers and the evil doers. ” I hoped so. ” She looked on the verge of a full-blown crying jag.

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