Betinho - King of the Night by Lester Sumrall

By Lester Sumrall

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For seven years, he and his band played in the nightclubs of Buenos Aires. During this time Betinho reached his twenties and became recognized as an outstanding musician, singer and band leader. He began to compose songs and to make records of his own compositions. When Betinho was in his early twenties, the family returned to their native Brazil to live. Not long after this, he organized his own band and began to publish his own music. It was only natural for him to move toward the top and to more or less replace his father who was now nearing retirement.

Give God your heart early. Don't wait as I did until you have tasted the very dregs of the devil's ways. The glitter of night life is very much like a butterfly. It's very pretty if you don't touch it, but once you grasp it, it is only a smeared mess. If you will give your heart to God, while you are young, you will never have any regrets when you get older. 2. Live a good moral life. " But I have found this is the spirit of the devil who wishes to damn your immortal soul. The devil would have you believe that to throw your morals to the wind is to get the most out of life.

It is a curious form of fetish practices from Africa mixed with demon worship and using Roman Catholic idols and ceremony. Professor Barros and his wife, Hosana, were filled with great joy when God visited their home with a son. Betinho says that neither his father nor mother actually encouraged him to become a professional musician and that he went to other teachers and obtained his first lessons. Before long, however, the community in which he lived knew Betinho would follow the family tradition because in his early teens he was already in great demand to play in local bands.

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