Basic butchering of livestock & game by John J. Mettler

By John J. Mettler

This advisor takes the secret out of butchering, overlaying every thing you want to be aware of to provide your personal specialist cuts of red meat, venison, beef, lamb, chook, and small video game. John J. Mettler Jr. offers easy-to-follow directions that stroll you thru each step of the slaughtering and butchering procedure, in addition to lots of suggestion on every thing from tips to gown online game in a box to salting, smoking, and curing options. You’ll quickly be having fun with the satisfyingly enhanced flavors that include butchering your personal meat. 

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That, too, is easier said than done, since hungry hogs may tear down the pen, and even if you have no affection for hogs you feel sorry for them. To be practical, feed in the early afternoon the day before butchering but, of course, skip the morning feeding. Figure 3-1 provides an overview of hog anatomy. CHAPTER 3. HOGS 39 pancreas beginning of small intestine (duodenum) kidneys liver rectum anus vulva vagina uterus bladder Figure 3-1. 22. When the water in the tank is hot (145°F according to a thermometer floating on a board) and all is ready, coax a hog to a clean end of the pen with a little dry feed and, as it eats, shoot it just off center from where two imaginary lines intersect between the eyes and ears (figure 3-2).

After the front end is dipped and cleaned, rinse the hog with warm water and rescrape with the bell scrapers held flat. You can now either “shave” with a sharp knife or singe with a blowtorch to remove any bristles you missed. While the hog is still on the platform, insert the knife, blade up, into the sticking place and cut the skin on the midline all the way to the rear end of the breastbone. With the meat saw, split the breastbone, being careful not to go beyond the chest cavity where you might cut into stomach or intestines (figure 3-7).

To cut pork you need only a meat saw or a sharp clean carpenter’s saw, a narrow-bladed boning knife, a sharp butcher knife, and a steel to keep the knives sharp. A woodentopped table large enough to lay the side of pork on and of comfortable working height is also needed. Familiarize yourself with the major parts of the hog carcass in figure 3-11. CHAPTER 3. HOGS 49 Figure 3-10. Split the backbone with a meat saw from the tail to the head and snout. 50 CHAPTER 3.

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