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5. For a close-up view of a portion of the square wave, use the X10 magnification and horizontal position control to bring the desired portion to the center of the CRT. OSCILLOSCOPE GUIDE APPLICATIONS Refer to Fig. 39 for an analysis of waveforms likely to appear during square wave testing of amplifiers. Distortion can be classified into three distinct categories: • The first is frequency distortion and refers to the change from normal amplitude of a complex waveform. In other words, the introduction in an amplifier circuit of resonant networks or selective filters created by a combination of reactive components will create peaks or dips in an otherwise flat frequency response curve.

To localize trouble, start by observing the VITS at the video detector. This will localize trouble to a point either before or after the detector. If the multi-burst is normal at the detector, check the VITS on other channels. If some channels look OK but others do not, you probably have tuner or antenna-system problems. Don’t overlook the Fig. 45. Observing video signals using delayed sweep. chance of the antenna system causing "holes" or tilted response on some channels. If the VITS is abnormal at the video detector on all channels, the trouble is probably in the i-f amplifier stages.

The vertical sync pulse occurs immediately after the first equalizing pulse. The vertical sync pulse is an inverted equalizing pulse at 92% duty cycle. The wide portion of the pulse is at the –40 IEEE units level and the narrow portion of the pulse is at the blanking level. A second equalizing pulse at 8% duty cycle occurs after the vertical sync pulse, which is then followed by 13 lines of blanking level (no video) and horizontal sync pulses to assure adequate vertical retrace time before resuming video scan.

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