B0761 Working Party Report on the Life Cycle Costing of by Phil J. Jackman

By Phil J. Jackman

This EFC ebook addresses the $64000 topic of the research of lifestyles cycle fee of corrosion because it will be utilized within the oil and gasoline construction industries. The e-book isn't really meant to be a stand-alone rfile yet to lead the analyst to corrosion-specific matters for inclusion in an total research. the method of lifestyles cycle costing has lately been standardised in ISO 15663, components 1 to three.

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3. 4. 3. 6 Lost production costs The method of calculating the cost of lost production needs to be defined and probably varies for each operating company. 4. 7 Life cycle cost The life cycle cost for the subject facility is equal to the sum of the capital costs, the operating costs and the cost of lost production less any deferred production recovered at a later time together with material residual value. 8 Remanent life Consideration should be given to the possibility that, at the end of its design life, a facility may still be safe and profitable to continue in operation.

9 for a further bibliography associated with risk assessment. 39 The Llfe Cycle Cost of Corrosioiz in the Oil and Gas ltidusfry 41 Annex A: Example data recording forms Example form 1 ~ SUMMARY OF COST OF CORROSION EVALUATIONI N DESIGN PHASE I Year: Type of equipment: 1 Design life (years): Plant capacity: Total costs Non-avoidable costs Corrosion studies Materials selection Paint / coating selection Inhibitor selection I I Monitoring selection CP selection Corrosion tests Total cost COMMENTS Analysis made by: Dated: ref Tile Life Cycle Cost ofcovrosioiz 42 iii the Oil aizd Gas liidtisiry Example form 2 SUMMARY OF COST EVALUATION I N CONSTRUCTION PHASE Type of equipment: I Design life (years): Plant capacity: I Year: I COST SUMMARY I Total costs I Non-avoidable costs I Corrosion allowance, see note Design redundancy Inhibition equipment Corrosion resistant materials Specific treatments Paint / coatings Monitoring systems Cathodic protection Temporary measures Total cost Note: see A m e x B for cost determination of corrosion allozuance.

2 Example A - Carbon steel pipeline (a) Corrosion inhibition is to be used and the pipeline has a corrosion allowance of t 1 0 mm on the pipe thickness. 5 Risk assessment of a pipeline failure When the cost evaluation is completed, a risk assessment is required. This is particularly the case in this study because the corrosion prediction for the carbon steel alternative indicated that the corrosion allowance (+lo mm) would be corroded within the design lifetime. In this case, it is assumed that there is a 30 Y, risk of having a leak caused by corrosion, requiring a pipeline repair, in year 15.

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