Atmospheres in the Solar System: Comparative Aeronomy by Michael Mendillo, Andrew Nagy, J. H. Waite Jr.

By Michael Mendillo, Andrew Nagy, J. H. Waite Jr.

Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.

Atmospheres are an important parts of our universe. they're the single observable areas of stars and great planets, either inside of and past our sunlight process. a few terrestrial-size our bodies (Venus, Earth, Mars, Titan and Triton) have everlasting atmospheres whereas others (e.g., Mercury, Moon, Io, and Europa) have tenuous gaseous envelopes that vary day-by-day. Comets are tiny our bodies through planetary yardsticks, yet their atmospheres may be the most important obvious items within the evening sky. Atmospheric technology strives to appreciate how one of these varied set of atmospheres shape, evolve, and disappear.


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1995], Lara et al. [1996], Banaszkiewicz et al. [2000], Dire [2000], and Lebonnois et al. [2001]. T h e ability of H and H2 t o rapidly escape from T i t a n ' s massive N2CH4 atmosphere leads inexorably to t h e photochemical production of complex hydrocarbons which condense t o form smog and are deposited on the surface. No re­ cycling back t o CH4, as on t h e giant planets, is pos­ sible. , N + C H -> H C N + H. Triton's cryophilic photochemistry has been investi­ gated by Strobel et al. [1990b] and Krasnopolsky and Cruikshank [1995], while the very similar photochem2 28 PHOTOCHEMISTRY, ENERGETICS, AND DYNAMICS istry of P l u t o has been modeled by Summers et al.

4 x 1 0 W , which is just about 50% larger t h a n t h e solar power. Most of t h e energy deposited in t h e thermosphere is carried down­ ward by thermal conduction, b u t radiation from minor species also plays a n i m p o r t a n t role. , 1992]. This is much smaller t h a n t h e comparable effect on Ti­ t a n because Triton h a s far less CH4 t h a n T i t a n a n d as a consequence h a s roughly 1000 times less HCN. 4. We know very little about the thermosphere of Pluto; however, we expect it t o differ in some interesting ways from t h e other bodies in our solar system.

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