Atlas of the Assyrian Pottery of the Iron Age by Stefano Anastasio

By Stefano Anastasio

Assyrian pottery of the Iron Age is a really targeted subject in close to japanese archaeology: it truly is generally subtle, on the topic of the growth of the 1st genuine "empire" in Western Asia, and it's well-characterized so far as its typology, production and ornament are involved. specially from the VIII Century BC, the Assyrian coverage of payment within the conquered areas resulted in a capillary profession of many of the to be had landscapes within the provinces: the result's a large number of excavations with fabrics relationship to this era. The Atlas goals to improve a world typology that may be utilized to the complete Assyrian repertory, with the intention to spotlight the most forms and to outline their targeted chronology and diffusion within the a variety of areas conquered through Assyrians.

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