Atlas of protein spectra in the ultraviolet and visible by Donald Kirschenbaum

By Donald Kirschenbaum

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Biochem. , 93, 245 (1961). SPECIFIC COMMENTS: Curve Curve Curve Curve A: B: C: D: ots-Paracasein, rennin clot. a 3 -Casein. <*i-Casein Non-rennin-clotted portion of «3-casein. 02 N KOH. CASEIN AND REFERENCE: C « L « Gemmill, Arch. Biochem. , 6J3, 192 (1956). COMMENTS: Reaction of casein with iodine in alkaline solution. 32 mg/50 ml. Curves 1-5 : increasing amounts of iodine added to casein solution. Curve 6 no iodine used. Curve 7 no casein used. 02 N KOH. L. Gemmill, Arch. Biochem. , 6,3, 192 (1956).

5, 17 0 C. R E F E R E N C E D - Massey, F. Feldberg, M. A. Sullivan, L . G . G. Mayhew, R. G. Matthews and G . P . Foust, J. Biol. , 244, 3999 (1969). COMMENTS: , Curve 1: Enzyme, 2 . 0 7 x 10 3M FAD. 08 x 10"%. 17 x HTJM. l Curve 4: " " " 9 x 10~JM. 0. REFERENCE: K - s°da and T. Osumi, Biochem. Biophys. Res. , 35, 368 (1969). 84 mg/ml. 5. R E F E R E N C E ' W . L . McKeehan and B. Hardesty, J. , 244, 4335 (1969). COMMENTS: Protein concentration was 1 mg/ml. 0. REFERENCE: T. Takagi and T. Isemura, J.

Curve C: Reconstituted. 71%. 60%. AOSO#OAHC£ R E F E R E N C E : T. Samejima and U . T . Yang, J. Biol. , 238, 3256 (1963). 1. 8. T. Herskovitz, Arch. Bipchem. , 130, 19 (1969). COMMENTS: Curve a: Native catalase. Curve b: 8 M urea denatured. Curve c: Acid denatured. 0, 23 C. REFERENCE: A. Pihl, R. Lange, and A. Evang, Acta Chem. , 15, 1271 (1961). OPTICAL DENSITY 0 WAVE LENGTH IN m>j thiol inhibited catalase COMMENTS: Thiol used for inhibition was cys teamine. 0 REFERENCE: H . E . Sutton, Biochem.

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