Applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy by Richard L. Cohen (Eds.)

By Richard L. Cohen (Eds.)

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The ι « 1 « ι ' 1 1 1 ' ' I ' ι (a) ν Ί \ ν ι Ld < Source (b) Co 57 I . I -8 . 1 -4 . PD J pQrqriKWtic Hi •12 in v I 0 1 1 4 1 1 β Pmak. 1 ! 12 VELOCITY (mm/sec) Fig. 6. Mössbauer spectra of Vicalloy at room temperature in different phases—(a) rolled after quenching from ~ 9 5 0 ° C ; (b) after heat treatment for permanent magnet properties. The main changes observed in the heat-treated state (b) as compared with as-quenched (a) are the occurrence of a paramagnetic absorption peak, a higher interval field, and a narrowing 5 7 of the absorption lines.

And confirmed the microscopic evidence of decomposition of F e 2 M o along dislocations in the martensite phase, resulting in kinetics characteristic of cylindrical geometry. The alloy containing cobalt had been shown by microscopy to nucleate not at dislocations, but instead randomly throughout the matrix. The Mössbauer results showed depletion of molybdenum, causing changes in the matrix spectrum, but no iron-bearing precipitate even after 1024 hr at 350°C (an advanced stage of homogeneous precipitation).

This mixed fee and bec structure was confirmed by x-ray diffraction. Eliezer et al. suggest that due to rapid cooling of the melt in the water-cooled arc-melting crucible, regions of the matrix adjacent to the N i 3 S n 2 are richer in iron than the average for the F e - N i matrix. These regions contribute a paramagnetic component to the spectrum for the asquenched alloys as expected from the early Mössbauer work on F e - N i alloys of J o h n s o n et al. (1963). Subsequent plastic deformation may then transform these low-nickel regions to bec by a martensitic transformation (Klosterman, 1969).

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