Appleton and Lange's Review of Epidemiology and by Edward J. Hanrahan

By Edward J. Hanrahan

Overview in define structure of epidemiology and facts for scientific scholars getting ready for board examinations. DNLM: Epidemiology exam questions.

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Risk as a Relative Construct Risk, and how it is expressed, is far from a simple concept. It can be relative to some other exposure or course of action, it can be an observed risk compared to an expected or standard risk, or it may be calculated as a lifetime risk or risk per year. Determining causality requires an assessment of relative risk. If an environmental factor is to be examined for the strength of its association with a disease, the risk of disease after exposure must be compared to the risk without exposure.

The 3 billion SNPs in the human genome, the hundreds of billions of cell divisions in a single lifetime, and the hundreds of millions of years it has taken for life to evolve have provided ample opportunity for evolution to occur. The resulting pattern of life that we see today in all its richness, and in the perfection of fit to its environment, may seem to be the result of a planned intelligence, what Richard Dawkins calls the Watch Maker and other people call their god. But it isn’t planned.

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