Antarctic Fish Biology. Evolution in a Unique Environment by Joseph T. Eastman

By Joseph T. Eastman

This crucial quantity presents an unique synthesis and novel evaluation of Antarctic fish biology, detailing the evolution of those fish in one of the most strange and severe environments on this planet. concentrating on one team of fish, the notothenoioids, which include the vast majority of the present organismal range, this e-book describes a fauna that has developed in isolation and skilled very good adaptive radiation by way of buying various physiological specializations. Darwin's finches and African cichlids will be joined by means of Antarctic fishes as exemplars of adaptive radiation.
The books' assurance is targeted and accomplished, and the writer truly acknowledges the truth that those fish are an element of a finest and biologically special environment and setting. issues in Antarctic Fish Biology comprise previous and current environments, fossil documents, taxonomic composition of fauna, systematic relationships, diversification, and physiological variations

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The waters are slightly warmer than in East Antarctica. The genus Trematomus is still represented, but there are also other nototheniids not found in East Antarctica like Gobionotothen gibberifrons. This province is intermediate in faunal composition betweeen East Antarctica and South Georgia (Andriashev, 1987). Lack of knowledge about the fishes of the Weddell Sea lead to uncertain­ ty about the boundary between the West and East Antarctic Provinces in this area of the continent. DeWitt (1971) predicted that many East Antarctic fishes would be found to have wide distributions.

Trematomus newnesi is a good example. 4. Pseudobathyal fishes Andriashev (1965, 1987) termed the inner shelf depressions the pseu­ dobathyal habitat. These isolated trenches are situated on the continental shelf rather than on the continental slope (the "true" bathyal habitat). The depressions are up to 1200 m deep, are filled with ice-free subzero shelf water, and are separated from the continental slope by sills about 500 m deep. They are populated by typical near-shore notothenioids, mostly benthic and epibenthic (see below), rather than by more widely distributed deep-living fishes that originated outside the Antarctic Region.

As a case in point, we may cite the fauna of the Auckland Islands. Located between Macquarie Island and New Zea­ land, the Auckland Islands fall within the Subantarctic Region. Given the prevailing direction of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, they might be predicted to have faunal affinities with the Indian-island and Macquarie Provinces. For unknown reasons, however, the Auckland Islands have a fauna more similar to that of New Zealand than to that of other islands in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

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