Algebras and Modules Two by Idun Reiten, Sverre O. Smalø, Øyvind Solberg

By Idun Reiten, Sverre O. Smalø, Øyvind Solberg

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The conjugate of a complex number z is denoted z– . 11 (a) Write 4 Ϫ 2Ϫ25 in standard form. (b) Find the conjugate of 3 Ϫ 7i. (c) Simplify (3 ϩ 4i)2. (a) 4 Ϫ 2Ϫ25 ϭ 4 Ϫ 225 2Ϫ1 ϭ 4 Ϫ 5i (b) The conjugate of 3 Ϫ 7i is 3 Ϫ (Ϫ7i) or 3 ϩ 7i. 1. 2. Explain why every polynomial is also a rational expression. A rational expression is one which can be written as the quotient of two polynomials. Every polynomial P can be written as P/1, where numerator and denominator are polynomials; hence every polynomial is also a rational expression.

28. Solve: (a) x Ϫ 2x ϭ 12; (b) 22x ϩ 1 ϩ 1 ϭ x; (c) 24x ϩ 1 Ϫ 22x Ϫ 3 ϭ 2 Ans. 29. 30. Solve: p ϩ q ϭ for q. 31. Solve: LI2 ϩ RI ϩ Ans. q ϭ 1 ϭ 0 for I. 32. Solve: (x Ϫ h)2 ϩ (y Ϫ k)2 ϭ r2 for y. Ans. 5, 2i, Ϫ2i pf pϪf Ans. I ϭ ϪRC Ϯ 2R2C2 Ϫ 4LC 2LC Ans. 33. Solve for y in terms of x: (a) 3x Ϫ 5y ϭ 8; (b) x2 Ϫ 2xy ϩ y2 ϭ 4; (c) x Ϫ y ϭ 5; (d) x ϭ 2y2 Ϫ 2y Ans. 34. A rectangle has perimeter 44 cm. Find its dimensions if its length is 5 cm less than twice its width. Ans. 35. 19) if the two people start walking at the same time, but the second person walks north.

6-6). 46 CHAPTER 6 Linear and Nonlinear Inequalities Figure 6-6 The critical points divide the real number line into the intervals (Ϫ ` , Ϫ5), (Ϫ5, 3), and (3, ` ). The quotient has sign, respectively, positive, negative, positive in these intervals. The equation part of the inequality is xϩ5 satisfied at the critical point Ϫ5, but not at the critical point 3, since the expression is not defined there. xϪ3 xϩ5 The inequality holds when is negative; hence the solution set is [Ϫ5, 3). 10. Solve: 2x Ն3 xϪ3 The solution of this inequality statement differs from that of the corresponding equation.

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