Algebraic Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry: Papers by Sergei Vostokov, Yuri Zarhin

By Sergei Vostokov, Yuri Zarhin

A. N. Parshin is a world-renowned mathematician who has made major contributions to quantity thought by utilizing algebraic geometry. Articles during this quantity current new study and the newest advancements in algebraic quantity idea and algebraic geometry and are devoted to Parshin's 60th birthday. recognized mathematicians contributed to this quantity, together with, between others, F. Bogomolov, C. Deninger, and G. Faltings. The publication is meant for graduate scholars and study mathematicians attracted to quantity idea, algebra, and algebraic geometry.

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In particular, this is true of the polynomial x2 + 1 (as had been conjectured by Gauss). Thue proved that, if P(x, y), Q(x, y) are forms in Z[z, y], P(x, y) is irreducible, and deg P > deg Q, deg P > 2, then the Diophantine equation P(x,Y> = Q(x,Y) has only finitely many solutions. 11. Suppose that n E N, n 2 3, and the strictly increasing sequence {zk} consists of perfect squares and perfect n-th powers. Then LFa(zk+l - zk) = 00 . We shall give one example with a proof. Let P be the set of natural numbers all of whose prime divisors belong to a certain finite set (~1, .

Approximation by Numbers of a Special Type. 3 we gave several theorems of Schneider and Mahler that concerned approximation of algebraic numbers by rational numbers of a special type. One can use Roth’s method to prove these theorems and more general results in an unconditional form. That is, one can dispense with (60) and simply prove finiteness of the number of solutions. For example, we have the following theorem. 30. Let (Y E A, p, E Z, qn E N, (pn, qn) = 1, qn+l > qn, and Qn = 4;4:, where all of the prime divisors of the numbers qx belong to a jixed finite set, and 62 Chapter 1.

5. The Number k in Roth’s Theorem. 24, we seethat the number Ic = 2 + E, E > 0, cannot be replaced by 2. Thus, in some sense Roth’s theorem gives a best possible result. However, we might hope that the arbitrarily small constant E can be replaced by a function of q that approaches zero. No one has yet been able to do this, but there have been some conditional results, starting with the following theorem from [Cugiani 19591. 29. Suppose that LYE A, dega = n, and the inequality Ia-Cl

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