After The Desert by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

1st version, close to good shape, stiff pictorial wraps, released through Max Holden, long island, 21 pages. a range of pack up Magic performed on the dinner desk with items typically came across on the dinner desk. Magic and Puzzles utilizing paper funds, cash, cigarettes, fits, silverware, napkins, a salt shaker, and different miscelaneous desk items. Illustrated with drawings via Nelson Hanne, and a particular bibliography of books regarding Magic on the dinner desk.

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Dionysus seated r. on throne, holding thyrsus erect before him. C. 601, pl. XX, 4. 1 1 * . , laureate. , holding [torch] and bow; at her feet, stag 1. and dog r. P.... , laureate. COR CLI Tyche, turreted, standing 1. before altar, holding patera and cornucopiae. 2 COR.. 1 .. , laureate. , both wings showing, holding wreath and palm. 1 32 GREEK COINS Size. ih. WTeight. No. C of sf Coins. No. Metal. , laureate. Chimaera r. Cohen 1221. 1 148 _E 24 ... , laureate. 1 149 4E 26 .... , laureate. Obverse.

164. C. , holding serpent Head of Hera, facing, on Ionic in beak and claws; above, IAIZ; capital; wears fillet with ends beneath, AAe. hanging down at sides. C. (Cent. ), p. 115, nos. 96-103. Chalcis. , bare. , with headdress of three rows of pearls (no capital). Cf. C. (Cent. ), p. 117, no. 108. 1 1 47 GREEK COINS No. Metal. Size Weight. 276 E 22, 23 Reverse. Obverse XAAKI .... , with headdress of three rows of pearls, set on Ionic capital. Cf. C. (Cent. ), p. 117, nos. ). N KAI... , laureate.

TRAJAN 98-117 *109 E 21-24 .... RAIA *.? , laureate. COL IVL LAV COR Poseidon seated 1. on throne, holding dolphin and trident. C. 588. E 26, 27 IMP CAES ? , laureate. , laureate. COLLIV .... Ino, with Melicertes in her arms, running r. 1 Round temple with domed roof and five equidistant columns; within, Melicertes on dolphin. Hunter, p. 104, no. 136. P. pl. B xi, XII, XIII). 112 E 24 113 E 21, 24 114 E 22 ... , bare. COR Table under pine-tree, on which Melicertes on dolphin. P. p. 11, no. 1, pl.

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