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1972) succeeded in applying an H,O-laser to IR-ellipsometry, but the lack of experimental data prevented complete corroboration of the advantages inherent in the method. In the work by Svitashev et al. (1977~)results were given allowing the precision of IR-ellipsometry in measuring epitaxial layer thicknesses when using an H,O-laser as a light source (Lop,,, = 118 pm) to be judged. 01 ohm cm. The obtained root-mean-square deviations were o[A] = 25’ and o[$] = 15’, respectively. The optical characteristics of the system “epitaxial film Si(n-type)-substrate Si(n-type)” were under study.

1976) Cahan (1 969) Greef (1970) Hauge and Dill (1 973) Ellipsometer type Automatic ellipsometer (continued) Differential ellipsometer Spectrometerellipsometer IR-ellipsometer References Hauge and Dill (1 975) Jasperson ef al. (1 973) Kasai (1976) Lluesma et al. (1 976) Mathieu et al. (1974) Meulen and Hien (1 974) Ord (1 969) Ord and Wills (1967) Roberts and Meadows ( 1974) Takasaki (1966a,b) Treu (1974) Aspnes and Studna (1975) Hunderi and Ryberg (1 976) Matheson et al. (1976) T. Smith (1976) DeNicola (1971) Hilton and Jones (1966) Mardezhov et al.

Let us denote the operating light beam intensities at the output of the ellipsometer for three considered schemes of the instrument by It;", I:,' and Taking into account (76), (81), and (82) and applying the general rules of matrix multiplication, we obtain It:'. + Slocos 27, + S20 sin 2yp) (86a) + SlO cos 27, + s 2 0 sin 27,) (86b) IO",~' = ~ M A1S1 P( S o 0 + SlO cos 2 Y P + s 2 0 sin 2YP) (86c) I$' ACSP I,", = ~Mffcp(Soo = LMACSP 2 11 (So0 In the case when the operating light beam at its input is completely depolarized or has a circular polarization, Sl0 = SzO= 0 and the expressions (86) take the form ASCP(ACSP, ASP) I,", = ( I ~ / ~ ) M ~ S C P ( A C S PASP) .

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