A School Under Trees by Raghu Babu

By Raghu Babu

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Ancient Perspectives: Maps and Their Place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Old views features a tremendous arc of area and time—Western Asia to North Africa and Europe from the 3rd millennium BCE to the 5th century CE—to discover mapmaking and worldviews within the historic civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In every one society, maps served as serious monetary, political, and private instruments, yet there has been little consistency in how and why they have been made.

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We never tried to divide our children from the NATURE! How can we separate ourselves from the Nature? In fact, Nature is our actual teacher! The Nature, the environment is giving and teaching a lot for us! In return we have to contribute to the environment! So, we have to learn from the NATURE! the chi1dren, but not impossible! It is the only key TO KNOW themselves! TO DRAW OUT their innermost hidden ta1ents! Meditation is not a sentiment, not belongs to any particular religion or sect! It is Universal!

The girls saw each other. They turned towards me. I came with them, but denied to help them, Jyothi again asked the farmer. He simply hesitated and said without stopping his work, “If I sat with you to chit-chat who will do my work? ” He did not stop his work. Jyothi saw into the questionaire, read the question ‘ and asked him, then he answered very simply. “Anna! ” Jyothi asked. ” he answered. Kavitha sat on the bund, and started writing the answers. After writing, Jyothi asked another question.

Too. Children do not like to sit hours together in one place. They like to move, quarrel, tease, fight..... This method gave such opportunity to them. , or sugarcane - They enjoyed the freedom in, this WORK! As we think this is the, first step towards moulding their carrier! When they returned they said with large eyes: “Anna! We went there, the farmer rebuked us - we were fearful.... ” “Anna! We went there, the farmer asked us to sit on the bund. ” After interviews,, they collated the information in the science classes, and prepared essays on paddy, sugarcane, cotton, maize, beatle nut, ladies fingers, brinjals, turmeric, beans etc.

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