A Fistful of Sky (A LaZelle Family Novel) by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Gypsum LaZelle is a misfit in a relatives of spellcasters-she possesses no magical skill whatever. until eventually the day while she turns into gravely unwell, and discovers that her Transition has happened ultimately, bestowing upon her an odd and scary strength.

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No. It's all right. " I pulled him into the building and hugged him. He stood stiff in my embrace. "Thanks for coming," I whispered before I let him go. He patted my shoulder. "Okay. There's no one out here. " I got my backpack. I took a last look around the center to see if I had left everything the way it was supposed to be, and decided it was okay enough. " said a hearty male voice from outside. I jumped again. Then settled. I had Jasper with me now. Nothing could get me. "Anybody in there? " A dark face appeared in the doorway.

But I thought—I mean, even right at the end when we said good-bye, I felt something—" She bit her lip and stared at me. " She shook her head. " Jasper said, "All I found when I got there was Gyp. " "Shut up," I said. "The thing showed up when we went to Gyp's car, though. It was scary. " We all glanced up and toward the right, where Tobias's tower was, its third-story room higher than the rest of the house, the secret fourth story higher still. "I don't know," said Beryl. Tobias had made new rules since everybody had graduated from basic training.

Jasper and Beryl stared at me, too. I picked at a scuff in the tablecloth, then glanced up. " Tobias's voice was a whisper. " "You were all gone. She came right over. She was great! " My stomach dropped down into a bottomless pit, and my hands iced over. "What do you mean, transition? " I checked my brother and sister. They looked as shocked as I felt. Transition! I'd never heard of anybody going through transition at twenty. Maybe everything would change now. Maybe I'd finally be a real member of the family.

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