9 1 2 Days (Harlequin Blaze) by Mia Zachary

By Mia Zachary

Jordan Gregory wishes a 10 Day Fiancé. Danny Navarro has an 8 Date Rule. After an unintended kidnapping and an evening they're going to always remember, he has the same opinion to a faux engagement, yet provided that she has the same opinion to provide herself to him ‘anytime, anywhere, anyhow’. Jordan is greater than keen to play Danny’s video game, yet abruptly he wishes ten days to develop into endlessly.

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He still couldn’t believe his brother’s prim and proper girlfriend had nearly ripped his pants off in the elevator. Did David know? It pissed Danny off that she would cheat on him with a total stranger. Was this the kind of thing Jordan did as some sort of secret thrill? Part of him wanted to warn David, but there was no way to do it without confessing he’d brought her to orgasm while locked in the hottest kiss of his life. That memory was followed by another wave of guilt, but all he could think about was seeing Jordan again.

You couldn’t help but smile at Melanie. She was like a walking dose of antidepressant. Her wide-set eyes always reflected her joy in life. She stood up to trade hugs. No air kisses with Mel, who was genuine in everything she did. ” “Of course, Jordan! I wouldn’t miss our monthly lunch! How have you been? Is that our waitress? ” “Try the raspberry tea. ” Jordan kept her voice carefully modulated since Melanie tended to make either a question or an exclamation of everything she said. ” “Rochelle did so well in school!

So here she was, half-clothed and completely uncomfortable. Jordan shivered as goose bumps marched along her arms. To counter the record-high temperatures outside, the hotel’s overeager ventilation system blasted air in frigid gusts. The burbling of the indoor fountain mingled with the din of a hundred voices, making it impossible to do more than smile and nod as she moved about the room. Several magazine editors stopped to admire her outfit. She obediently turned in a tight circle, allowing yet another group of fashionistas to coo over the delicate lace embroidery of her gown.

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