38 Basic Joseki by Kyoshi Kosugi, James Davies

By Kyoshi Kosugi, James Davies

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So White may prefer to make a play like 9 here. Black can attack with 10, but the fight is a fair one, both the black and the white groups being weak. Dia. 5. White must be careful not to play 9 too close to the lower right corner. If he plays it here, Black will just push out with 10 and 12. Now it is obvious that there is too little territory below White 9 and too much open space above it. 39 Dia. 6. The other key point for White is at 9. This play enlarges White’s wall and, by preventing Black ‘a’, reduces Black’s prospects on the right side.

6. It is futile for Black to play 1 after Dia. 4. White will reply at 2, building a wall which works beautifully with his shimari. Of course Black is getting territory too, but not as much as White. Black Δ turns out to be almost completely wasted. White could even apply this sequence in answer to Black 6 in Dia. 5, but then Black Δ would not be on the board, and so Black could be satisfied. 33 Dia. 7. Sometimes White is unable to extend up the right side, and then he must change his tactics accordingly.

6. If after the basic joseki White advances on Black’s corner with 1 here, Black 2 is a good reply. It is not that Black’s eye shape is endangered, but if White were allowed to play at 2 himself, he could make territory in the center, and Black could not attack. In conclusion The ogeima kakari looks rather lukewarm so far. White’s real intention is usually to provoke a squeeze play, and then he has some good maneuvers, which we are coming to in section 18. 62 CHAPTER 3 Squeeze plays INTRODUCTION In the last chapter we saw what happens when Black answers White’s kakari by defending the corner in one way or another, letting White extend unhindered along the side.

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