3-D Spinors, Spin-Weighted Functions and their Applications by Gerardo F. Torres del Castillo

By Gerardo F. Torres del Castillo

This systematic and self-contained remedy of the speculation of 3-dimensional spinors and their functions fills a huge hole within the literature. with no utilizing the generic Clifford algebras usually studied in reference to the representations of orthogonal teams, spinors are constructed during this paintings for three-d areas in a language analogous to the spinor formalism utilized in relativistic spacetime.

Unique beneficial properties of this work:

* Systematic, coherent exposition throughout

* Introductory remedy of spinors, requiring no earlier wisdom of spinors or complex wisdom of Lie groups

* 3 chapters dedicated to the definition, houses and functions of spin-weighted features, with all historical past given.

* specified remedy of spin-weighted round harmonics, houses and plenty of purposes, with examples from electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, and relativity

* wide variety of subject matters, together with the algebraic class of spinors, conformal rescalings, connections with torsion and Cartan's structural equations in spinor shape, spin weight, spin-weighted operators and the geometrical which means of the Ricci rotation coefficients

* Bibliography and index

This paintings will serve graduate scholars and researchers in arithmetic and mathematical and theoretical physics; it really is compatible as a path or seminar textual content, as a reference textual content, and should even be used for self-study.

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I! = 21 + 1 (2/)! = 41r I! I! 2/+1 (2/)! = ~(/,)2 2/+1 . d h A ... BC ... D A ... BC ... D ~ 1 l+m (2/)! (/-m)! (l-m)! ~~ ~~. (/-m)! I'd . 10) l-ml+m are components of the spherical harmonics dA ... BC ... DO A •.. oB(jC ... (jD with respect to an orthonormal basis. Thus, expressing the spherical harmonic dA ... BC ... 10) we have dA ... BC ... DO A ... oB(jC ... )/-m)! ~~ ' " ( l)m ~ - l-ml+m m=~ (/-m) l's, (l+m) 2's ~ where the factors (-I)m have been introduced in order to get agreement with the convention employed in quantum mechanics.

21, respectively. This shows that there are 21 + 1 linearly independent spherical harmonics of order I (cf. Hochstadt 1971). 5), this expression is alsoequivalenttodAB ... FO(AoB ... oC(;DQE ... (MAB + MBA), M(ABC) = i(M ABC + M BCA + M CAB + M ACB + M CBA + M BAC ). O ) ''''/2 e1'l" 1 cos 20 . e il/> sinO) = dll0 1(]1 ~ dn (-~Yl'-l) +dl2 (~Yl'O) +dn (-~Yl'} where we have made use of the standard notation for the spherical harmonics. Since each component 0 1 or ot contains a factor e- il/>j2 and each component 2 0 or (J2 contains a factor eil/>/2, the spherical harmonic of order I, o(AoB ...

1 _ m)! tA 0 ~ ... 47) where (Q~) is the inverse of SU(2) matrix corresponding to the rotation 'R. ) Collecting terms we have 1 m (21)! (l- m)! ~ (l-m) I's, (l+m) 2's . v m=-l (l-m') I's, (l+m') 2's Q~): 0'1 (l-m') I's, (l+m') 2's • ;i, (21)! (I- m')! 11) again, it follows that (l-m) I R (2l)! (l- m')! , therefore, (2l)! (l - m')! 50) which means thatthe representation ofSO(3) given by the matrices D~'m is unitary. 49) we have D~'m(¢' e, X) = mm (2l)! (l - (l+m') m')! e, X» _ e imx 2's ~(101 ...

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