3D Radiative Transfer in Cloudy Atmospheres (Physics of by Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis

By Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis

Advancements in 3-dimensional cloud radiation during the last few many years are assessed and distilled into this contributed quantity. Chapters are authored by means of subject-matter specialists who address a huge viewers of graduate scholars, researchers, and a person drawn to cloud-radiation techniques within the sunlight and infrared spectral regions. After introductory chapters and a piece at the basic physics and computational concepts, the amount largely treats major software parts: the impression of clouds at the Earth's radiation funds, that's a vital point of weather modeling; and distant statement of clouds, specifically with the complex sensors on present and destiny satellite tv for pc missions.

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Viewing our abandonment of Part II from this vantage point in time, I suspect that we felt overwhelmed by the quantity of results that could pour forth from a radiation model taking input from a time-stepping cloud model, and didn’t know quite how to extract the needle from this vast haystack. This feeling must be magnified a hundredfold among the current generation of 3D radiation modelers. Until the late 1980s I avoided the 3D cloud problem, in spite of having a background in 3D radiative transfer.

Qualitatively new phenomena occur when jumping to higher dimensions. A 4D sphere passing through our 3D world would appear like a ghost, growing from a point to full size and then shrinking and finally vanishing. No one would regard this as a trivial extension of a 3D sphere! We can paper over this difficulty by assuming that higher dimensions are just a mathematical cross-product of single dimensions, but such an assumption, tantamount to a miracle, should not be accepted at face value without extensive proof.

Wiscombe and cloud-physics dropsondes, all carrying miniaturized cloud physics instrumentation. The last decade of my career has been spent on a deep involvement with ARM and with trying to push new instruments, tools, observing strategies, and platforms, and new ways of doing field science. I am very proud of the work of my ARM group – Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis, Frank Evans, Robert Pincus, and now Yuri Knyazikhin and Christine Chiu – and am privileged to have been able to point such talented people in promising directions and then give them their heads to run like the wind.

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