101 Ways to Improve Business Performance (101 Ways) by Donald Waters

By Donald Waters

Do you want to enhance a space of your enterprise abilities? do you want a brief resource of data? every one identify includes a hundred and one ways that to profit and increase new abilities to make you successful at paintings and at domestic.

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101 Ways to Improve Business Performance (101 Ways)

Do you want to enhance a space of your corporation talents? do you want a brief resource of data? every one name comprises one hundred and one ways that to benefit and enhance new talents to make you successful at paintings and at domestic.

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But financial measures such as profitability and return on investment are really indirect measures of the operations; good financial performance comes from good operations. You can measure the operations more directly using measures such as productivity, utilization and efficiency. Productivity is the most common measure of operations. It shows the amount of output that you create for each unit of resource used. You might, for example, measure the number of units made per employee, sales per square metre, or deliveries per vehicle.

The easiest way of correcting this is with coaching and training. Of course, you might not be giving enough rewards for doing a good job. Very few of us would work conscientiously if we had bad conditions, appalling pay and few other rewards. But we would work well if there were things to motivate us, and these come in two types. Firstly there are external rewards that you get for doing the job, such as pay, status, relationships with colleagues, security, holidays, promotion, praise and work conditions.

Delegating decisions has many benefits, including: • • • • • • • • • • allowing personal development and achievement; enabling faster decisions to be made close to operations, rather than waiting for decisions from remote managers; allowing better decisions by those with most knowledge and information; providing more time for senior managers to concentrate on strategic issues; entailing lower costs, as decisions are made at lower levels and some layers of management can be removed; giving improved customer service, as people who deal directly with customers can solve their problems; enabling employees to have more control and responsibility for their jobs; offering employees more satisfaction, sense of achievement and commitment; permitting release of skills, knowledge and creative abilities of employees; encouraging continuous improvement of processes.

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